White Pearl Cotons

Coton de Tulear Breeder in British Columbia, Canada


We are delighted you are visiting us ‘online’ ~ please get to know us as you meander along!

It was the Spring of 2008 and I was seated in the Parlor of my home in White Rock, ‘beautiful British Columbia’, gazing pensively through the windows when I saw a lady walking a dog – a breed I had never seen before. I quickly ran to the porch and called out to her … she very graciously came over and I asked what breed her dog was she said: “Coton de Tulear” and explained it was a very rare breed;  she was visiting from out-of-town and “Yes!” the dog could travel on the airplane with you! I just fell in love with the breed and after she left quickly googled and read all about the breed and even spoke with a couple of breeders from out-of-town. I was ‘love struck’, however,  quickly said to myself: “NO! I am still not ready for another dog, nor do I know if I want another dog.” as my beloved Cocker Spaniel of 13-1/2 years had died in December 2006 and she left a huge void in my life. This was one of a few big changes I was going through since January 2005 so I decided to wait.

Little did I know that I would yield to my inner promptings and get my first Coton de Tulear puppya male‘KINTANA’ in May 2009; the second in March 2010; third in October 2010! Yes! I added 2 females to my family of White Pearls in one year: ‘JEWELA’ and ‘FATIANA’.  It was such a pleasure to see my Coton family enjoy themselves all around my home – inside and outside in the gardens – life sure changed for me. my family and friends, the community(ies). organizations I support and … everywhere they go.

Please enjoy part of my ‘dream come true’ as you follow my journey ‘From One Pearl to Another’ as you visit our website. (Please click on each thumbnail as they all contain parts of our journey.)

You may contact me either by phone or email – it is my pleasure to be there to assist you.

Yours with Coton kisses and hugs,
Lorna Christie