White Pearl Cotons

KINTANA – ‘Star’

‘Kintana’ was born March 18, 2009 and arrived at his new home on June 1st that year. At the Vancouver Airport to greet us was my son and 3-1/2 year old grand-daughter; that evening we were at their home for a BBQ where my grandson ~ 1 year and 3 months then ~ was the first to walk Kintana on a leash! There started the impact he was to have on all our lives!

That was just the beginning … I had no idea that 4-1/2 months later – Kintana being 7 months old – we would be in Nova Scotia for the CFC/CCTC National Specialty Dog Shows where he excelled in the ring winning Best Puppy in Group 4 times and Best Puppy in Show 2 times. And…2 weeks later I would be showing him in the ‘Toy Group Dogs’ ring at Canada’s largest dog show: ‘Travel The World’ where he earned his first CKC points – which was televised and aired several times (I have the DVD as part of Kintana’s portfolio)!

Kintana enjoyed the 2010 Winter Olympics and was a great ‘hit’ amongst the myriad of people who visited Vancouver – he even had his picture taken in a Bobsled and was graciously received by all the staff at the very exclusive jewellery and china store: Henry Birks where the Bobsled was located and pictures could be taken!

There was no second-guessing the decision to open my heart and home to love another dog – thank you LORD  for the ‘right’ timing and ‘gift’ of KINTANA!