White Pearl Cotons

Pet Therapy

I were blessed to live close to the Zoo in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Often in the afternoon or on holidays I would go watch the Zoo Keepers train the animals – what therapy that was to my soul! I also periodically went to the Zoo Veterinary Hospital to see what was happening there. I loved animals and nature and dreamed of being a Vet., however, emigrating to Canada in my teens and with the pressing need to settle in my new home I put that on the ‘back burner’.  As the years went by I found my interests grow into the world of medicine too and was drawn to the practices of rehabilitation and psychology.  Fortunately, the fields I worked in supported my quest for knowledge in these areas and this, together with my continued love for animals and fellow humans, tugged strongly at my heart.  So, it was a natural ‘flow’ for me to be interested in/study Canine-Human Psychology.

On the way from the Vancouver Airport, June 1, 2009,  bringing KINTANA to his new home, a dear friend phoned to say his wife was in the Intensive Care Unit.  We went to visit her a day or so later and that was KINTANA’s  first Pet Therapy visit with her and residents at the Peace Arch Hospital in White Rock. Within minutes we were been asked if he could visit the patients in the adjacent rooms and it was very obvious that he had a very positive impact on their lives and brought lots of joy to all the patients, nurses and visitors too! Since then, KINTANA, together with my other ‘White Pearls, have  visited numerous patients at Hospital, Care Homes, Private Residences, etc., and bring much needed love, joy and stimulation to them.

Pet Therapy is a special discipline that is used to help people of all ages in a variety of cases to have a better life and to have some happiness;  it is also used for therapeutic purposes.  Some fields of application are:

  • Treatment of behavioral disturbances, especially in children (bad or insufficient socialization, insecurity, poor school achievements and so on)
  • Reduction of aggressiveness in critical situations (mental hospitals, jails, etc.)
  • Treatment of deprivation syndrome (autism)
  • Treatment and prevention of depressing syndromes
  • Cases of anxiety and neuro-psychiatric tension
  • Convalescents
  • Hypertension
  • Recovery from heart problems
  • Neuro-muscular diseases/disorders
  • Treatment and rehabilitation from different kinds of motor problems, etc.

My ‘White Pearls’ and I would love to be there for you or your loved one(s) … please contact me at: 604.576.4669!

‘DOG’ spells ‘GOD’ backwards.