White Pearl Cotons

Ethics and Practices

I am a Coton de Tulear breeder of  ‘ethics, excellence, honesty and integrity’!

Being blessed by GOD by having the ‘desires of my heart’ granted  to now truly do what I have been created to do – I do so knowing it is ‘sacred and holy work‘!  I commit to love each of my Cotons whether they are a ‘companion’ or ‘show’ or ‘show/breed prospect’ and endeavour to take time and give lots of thought prior to breeding and not just breeding any 2 Cotons – breeding the RIGHT two dogs … always to enhance the breed.  I also consult with and follow strict breeding ethics which  my Breeding Vet, with 35+ years experience, insists on.  As a home/hobby breeder I do what I do from my heart and passion because I love what I do ~ the reward being the fulfillment of my heart’s desires (not operating as a business). My White Pearl Cotons are part of my home ~  ‘White Pearl Sanctuary’.

My philosophy is:  “what is a nice dog if it is not a healthy dog”? All my dogs are tested with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals for issues inherent to the breed;  these tests include: elbows, thyroid, heart, patella, leg/calve perthes, hips & CERF (eyes); additionally NCA (Neonatal Cerebellar Ataxia) and Optigen: CMR2 either ‘clear by parentage’ or by testing. I have also chosen to do the more advanced hip testing: ‘Penn Hip’ with the University of Pennsylvania.

In choosing my ‘White Pearls’, I have ensured that their breeders and each of their respective parents conform with the FCI Standards for the Coton de Tulear (see below).  Additionally, that the pedigree lines they come from have had all the required health testing, which is VERY important. To maintain ‘ethical standards and practices’, I have ensured that these health testings have been done on White Pearl’s Cotons, prior to breeding. When it comes to breeding, I have chosen to wait until ALL tests have been done and the females are 2-3 years in age – ensuring they have been allowed to develop and mature, which is my personal preference.

Standards: The Coton de Tulear is first and foremost a ‘companion’ dog. While the first standard was written many years ago, the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) standard used today was published in 1999 and translated into English in 2000. From the current standard, the breed’s general appearance states: small long haired companion dog with a white cotton textured coat, some having shades of champagne (a.k.a. ‘fawn’) within the coat, with round dark eyes and lively intelligent expression. This little white dog is often called the anti-stress dog and because of its soothing characteristics, the Coton has a lot of success in pet therapy.  The Coton easily adapts to different lifestyles, happy to be quietly at your feet or snuggle in your arms, but is equally happy to join you on a walk and can keep up with you on a hike … and can entertain itself all on its own too ~ YES!

Within the breed standard, importance is placed on the temperament: Of a happy temperament, stable, very sociable with humans and with other dogs; it adapts perfectly to all ways of life. The temperament of the Coton de Tulear is one of the main characteristics of the breed. A well-bred, well-adjusted Coton is an absolute joy, and brings many smiles, much laughter and therapy to its owner(s) and others too.


All White Pearl Cotons are registered with:

SRSH FCI CFC canadian kenel club
SRSH (Societe Royale Saint-Hubert) A.S.B.I., Belgium (Belgian bred/born) FCI  (Federation Cynologique Internationale) approved  internationally through registration with the SCC (Societe Centrale Canine) in France (Canadian bred/born) CFC (Canine Federation of  Canada) – Breed Registry in Canada* CKC (Canadian Kennel Club)*

* Member