White Pearl Cotons

JEWELA – ‘Precious’

A big surprise came my way mid-March, 2010 – I was flying to Belgium to receive my birthday gift: a beautiful female Coton. In liaising with a breeder in Belgium I learnt that she had a litterof puppies born in January ready to go to their new homes end of March and there were a couple of ‘show/breed prospect’ females! The alphabetical letter given by the Belgium Canine Registry was ‘J’. So, I made my choice, named my puppy ‘JEWELA’ (Malagasy for: PRECIOUS) and within a few days was off to Belgium! Waiting to greet me at the Airport was ‘JEWELA’ – a red ribbon and bow around her neck, pearly white hair and beautiful black nose and the breeder holding a sign saying: ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LORNA!’ – I arrived in Belgium March 25th – my birthday – what a gift! An ‘added’ bonus was accompanying my breeder to the Luxumbourg Dog Shows and meeting several Cotons and their breeders – just wonderful – not forgetting the birthday celebrations!

On our return we were met at the Vancouver Airport by KINTANA and what I saw and experienced that day – March 30 – was so beautiful that only my heart could capture and recall.  JEWELA, who was so quiet the entire trip looked at KINTANA and gave a soft growl … which we have now learned is her way of saying: ‘I’m the boss’ … and then KINTANA leaned forward and gave her a kiss on her nose – it was ‘love at first sight’! They romanced around the house and gardens … it was like nobody else existed – they were in their own little world – just so beautiful. Yes! it was the right decision to make – KINTANA now had a companion and friend.

JEWELA was 8-1/2 months old when she debuted in the ring in Nova Scotia at the CFC/CCTC National Specialty Dog Shows where KINTANA made his debut the previous year! Like KINTANA, she too excelled in the show ring, vying for Best of Breed with KINTANA – wonderful! And, end October she was at the ‘Travel The World’ Dog Show too where she earned points towards her CKC Championship.

Yes! there are no co-incidences … only divinely orchestrated God-incidences!