White Pearl Cotons

About Us

Coton de Tulear Breeder of  ‘ethics, excellence, honesty and integrity’  ~   Yes!

When these words were spoken to my heart in February of 2001:  “…for I know the plans I have for you … plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for a hope and a future; I will take what man has meant for evil and make it for MY good…” I received it in wonderment.  Looking back I see how my good Lord has proven HIS words to me ~ Yes!  HE has used many challenging circumstances to mould me to do many things, one being: to be a Coton de Tulear Breeder of  ‘HIS’  ethics, excellence, honesty and integrity! ~ I am humbled and forever thankful to HIM for this and much more in my life.  The lessons learnt on the journey have all been well worth it … so I live to fulfill this ‘sacred and holy calling’ by HIS grace.

I was born on the Island of Ceylon: called the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ (now known as Sri Lanka), to Eurasian parents, and emigrated to Canada. Little did I know that one day I would be the owner of ‘White Pearl Cotons’  which is home to the rare-breed dogs I own, handle and breed:  ‘Coton de Tulear’ – the ‘Royal Dog of Madagascar’ – which originated from the Island of Madagascar, also in the Indian Ocean.

April 16, 2009 I was reading the newspapers and found myself in the ‘Puppies for Sale’ section and phoned a breeder regarding a Cocker Spaniel puppy. She said she would send me pictures by email the next day (which never arrived). I accepted this as a ‘closed door’ and my mind immediately went to the breed I had seen the Spring of 2008, being walked down my street:  the ‘Coton de Tulear’. Long story made short – by the next morning I was on the phone with a breeder who said she had puppies that were available for adoption end May. Well,  how coincidental was that? Flights had already been booked to visit family in that area so the timing was perfect.  Also, there were 4 males in the litter and the decision had been made to get a male puppy this time!

Initially, I wanted a ‘companion’, however, mid-way in my conversations with the breeder I switched to a ‘show/breed prospect’. The breeder ‘heard’ my hearts’ desire and passion and encouraged me, realizing that my professional background complimented this very well. There were many phone calls to/from the breeder including pictures, and one day I received an email with the picture of the puppy she had chosen for me. I quickly phoned and asked her which puppy that correlated to from the previous week, as I had already chosen one in my heart from those pictures. Believe it or not, it was exactly the same puppy! I had tears in my eyes and the breeder couldn’t believe how things had been divinely orchestrated!  Now came the naming process, and I chose the name: KINTANA (Malagasy for:  STAR).

They say: ‘every cloud has a silver lining’; this couldn’t be more truer than in my case.  After a career spanning many years, I had to ‘switch gears’ and wondered what was in store for me!  Now I see the granting of my heart’s desire:  either to be a Veterinarian or Psychologist.  As I look to the future and breeding Cotons, I see the meshing of both these disciplines. What an answer to prayer! I am doing things I never thought I would ever do: handling dogs, travelling to dog shows – by airplane too – adding to my ‘Coton Family’, continuous learning which is excellent for the brain and ‘clowning’ around like only a Coton can teach you to do so well!

Getting KINTANA was the best thing that I could have done … not only for myself but MANY others too.  Now, what could be better than that?  It is the greatest gift one can receive or give!