White Pearl Cotons

Breeder of ‘Coton de Tulear’ ~ Thanksgiving and Celebration!

Posted on November 9, 2013

October was a month of ‘personal thanksgiving‘ ~ looking back when I celebrated my 1st Canadian Thanksgiving!   I had no idea then that I would be a ‘breeder’ of Coton de Tulear – the ‘Royal Dog of Madagascar’!  It has been a very joyous journey to realize the ‘desires of my heart’ … owning, handling and breeding my Cotons … truly a time of great celebration for all the blessings bestowed upon me … and my White Pearl Cotons too.  Thank you, Lord!

Of course, I have very sincere gratitude and thanksgiving to the 2 breeders who have both encouraged and mentored me and entrusted me with ‘excellent’ Coton de Tulear puppies hailing from exceptional pedigree lines where all required health tests have been done.  Both are long-standing ethical breeders (in their respective countries) who have invested a tremendous amount of energy and commitment to this breed which has included showing their Cotons at International Dog Shows and at the World Dog Shows – attaining World Winner titles too!