White Pearl Cotons

2nd Royal Litter: ‘King KINTANA’ & ‘Queen JEWELA’ – puppies born May 22, 2014

Posted on June 2, 2014

There is great excitement at White Pearl Cotons as 5 puppies: 3F & 2M from the ‘2nd Royal Breeding’ have arrived!  To ‘know’ ones dogs at a heart level is to receive the joy of seeing Dad: KINTANA and Mom: JEWELA gaze into each others’ eyes and radiate pride, joy and the words: “well done; our puppies look GREAT!” … and they do.  Big Sister: RIANA (first born from the ‘1st Royal Litter’) is jubilant and can’t stop wagging her tail when I carry her to the puppy nursery to see her little sisters and brothers -:)  All are doing…Read More »