White Pearl Cotons

Summer 2016 – Puppy ‘haven’ !!

Posted on November 12, 2016

Ballet Litter and Royal Litter puppies created a ‘puppy haven’ both indoors and outdoors at White Pearl Cotons !!!!!!!  

ALL ‘adoptive families’ made many visits to enjoy the puppies from birth and spent hours ‘watching’ and received ‘pet therapy’ beyond words of expression.  We ALL had and will treasure these very special memories – just wonderful.  Adult White Pearl Cotons and their ‘offspring’ played just like ‘kids in a sandbox’ 🙂  Beautiful keepsake videos were created and equally beautiful photos were taken – thanks to the wonderful adoptive families.

Tunnels were dug, the swimming pools were splashed in, agility courses were worked and when everyone was tired from playing they all crashed … falling asleep 🙂 !!  Neat to see how the puppies ‘remember’ their favorite spots indoors and outdoors too as they visit us post-adoption !!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! everyone – puppies, adult Cotons and new ‘extended’ White Pearl Coton families XXXXXXX   Truly blessed!!!!!!!